Selasa, 03 Maret 2015

Samsung Introduce Galaxy S6

After several time have been rumor, at least Samsung is considering a two-edged display on phablet Samsung Galaxy Note soon.
S6 Galaxy transceiver has been overwhelmingly positive from critics and the new Galaxy S6 Mstmshim.hloh not the same curvature side note galaxy aboard and provides the same functionality of the component along the edge. However, he managed to win the hearts of the media at MWC 2015.

Samsung VP Product Strategy team confirms question and answer session that Samsung is considering the same visualization solution for the next Galaxy Note device. It is unclear whether Samsung plans to release one or two notes with a curved display different patterns such as end-S6 and S6 Galaxy Galaxy.

Next Galaxy Note Officially should go in September, so there is plenty of time for Samsung to resolve the matter.

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