Senin, 27 April 2015

Windows 10 Build 10074 for selected testers

Microsoft can publish calls from Windows 10 developers a preview version of the upcoming 2015 Developers Conference last. Apparently, the software giant was held in parallel to complete the development version. Meanwhile, build a new vision has been distributed to selected testers.

About wzór informed Russian source of leaks during the weekend, citing information from the environment of Microsoft, the company will finish the Windows 10 Preview developers probably this week or make a pre-release of the first of this new version under development. Microsoft was the next step on the path of liberation for manufacturing (RTM) of Windows 10.

Additional information about Windows 10 developers preview source not named, of course, which remains open, intends to carry out new innovations of Microsoft. However, the pace of technical preview to preview the developers say that Windows 10 can be referred to as "full function" soon, at least when it comes to basic functions, based on developers to work on new applications and operating system.

Russian Information Preview When Windows 10 developers should be acting to build 10074. probably build 2015 he appeared in public for the first time. Provide new development version of BUILD, probably not safe. Apparently, the new build 10074 First distributed to participants before the event at a later date, participants begin loading Windows for Insider program.

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