Jumat, 08 Mei 2015

BlackBerry Work (Again) With T-Mobile

Its about one year that Blackberry have discontinue their relations with T-Mobile and they said that will not renew the T-Mobile license to sell its products. But today, it seem that Blackberry will be forget their statement last year. Both of them (Blackberry and T-Mobile will back together.

John Chen as BlackBerry CEO wrote and editorial about their partnership and he said,  "is an important step that does the right thing for both of our customers and shareholders."

John Chen surprised that he said that never imagine will be partnership (again) with T-Mobile, "So, a year ago, I couldn't have imagined this. But if being at the helm of BlackBerry has taught me anything, it's that a lot can change in a year," John Chen said. Then John continue his statement,  "And that two strong-willed executives who say what we think, as we lead companies that are successfully doing things differently, can meet on common ground, especially when there is so much potential benefit for our shared customers.".

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